The Pachamama ecocamping began as a group of friends who share the love for music, mother nature and life.

Together we have decided that we want to create a greener and greener world by promoting an alternative lifestyle in which we add positively and actively to the environment using organic products and building an area where we can be autonomous and self-sufficient.

Our ultimate goal is that we can provide a unique and fun experience for our guests and, hopefully, inspire them to consider a similar approach in their own reality.


Regardless of the electricity grid, we produce electricity and hot water through solar panels.

Using only biodegradable organic soaps, we purify the waters of the showers and toilets with the plants and then use the water to irrigate the fields.

Even the black water of the bath is a resource for the environment: with a particular aseptic pit we transform the waste into an excellent fertilizer that gives life to 24 fruit trees through underground irrigation.

In order to create a life cycle for which men feeds on the fruit of the tree that is fed by the waste of men.

Even our garbage differs to allow the recycling of raw materials, we process our food waste along with pruning in the field to produce organic fertilizers.


Around the camp in the territory of the municipality of Alborace, there are 4 different roads and bike paths for a total of 27 kilometers, passing through fruit fields, through ancient forests, rivers and natural pools.

Upon returning from a day immersed in nature, you can sleep in our tent with all the comforts, cook and eat in the communal kitchen area and rest one of the many hammocks in the camp after a warm sun-heated shower.

Sleep with real peace, interrupted only by cicadas and wake up in the morning with the song of the birds and the aroma of coffee that we offer to our friends guests.